When talking about Golden Bamboo, we are immediately reminded that the plant brings an attractive look and also helps to cool the environment in which we live. This strongest evergreen plant often used to add privacy to the garden and commonly used for hedge. It is very popular and fashionable choice of the majority. By reading this guide, you will be able to know, Golden Bamboo: Plant Care & Growing Guide for Home Privacy.

How to Grow and Care for Golden Bamboo at Home for Privacy

Golden bamboo is also known as fish pole bamboo, running bamboo, fairyland bamboo as well as yellow bamboo. Scientifically, Golden bamboo is called as Phyllostachys Aurea. A member of the Poaceae family, the plant is native to Southeast China. Some regret that the plants die within a short period of time but golden bamboo is long lived plant.

The majority of people in Asian countries use golden bamboo to add beauty for the landscape. Growing this plant next to driveways and walkways that really brings great looking. It is also used to make furniture, variety of decorations and even young shoots are taken as a meal. The great advantage of this plant is that help to control the heat and provide cooling.

Golden bamboo plant consists of green leaves and golden yellow stalks. It is rare to see flowers on this plant. Typically it grows around 20 or 25 feet in height and leaves also take about 12 inches in size. These green and yellow combination helps to create an attractive scene in the yard.

You can plant this anywhere but using right conditions that allows the plants to stay healthy. Golden bamboo can be propagated by division of rhizomes, cane cuttings and seeds. But seeds are very rarely produced. Removal of damaged or dead stalks and leaves helps to new growths.  

What are the steps of planting golden bamboo?

You can follow these steps to plant golden bamboo in your garden.

1. Choose a suitable spot.

As a fast growing plant, it needs full sun or partial sun to thrive healthy. It actually tolerates various temperatures. However, having at least 6 hours of sunlight is great for this plant. Do not think that this plant needs sunlight all the time because it also needs some shade. Lack of sunlight causes green leaves turn into brown.

If you do not have enough space to grow, do not make it as a problem because containers can also use to grow golden bamboo plants. This is a good choice because you can move it anywhere at any time you want. It is usually difficult to remove the plant which has been planted in the ground. However, when growing in a container, the height of the plant may be less than grown in the ground.

2. Prepare a fertile soil.

For the better results, you should select the place with moist soil. Well-drained soil is great for golden bamboo. You can check the soil type before planting through a soil test. Mixed loam or sandy soil is also better.

3. Plant Golden Bamboo

Dig a hole in the ground larger than the container in which the plant is inserted. The roots need to spread easily in the soil so that enough depth and width is necessary. There should be a gap of at least 3 or 4 feet between holes that allows for rapid growth. Carefully remove the plant from container. It is important to make sure that the roots are not damaged.

Then place the golden bamboo plant in the hole and fill it with soil mixed compost.

What are the basic care tips for golden bamboo?

When considering how to care of golden bamboo, the first thing to say is that is really easy to care. It is absolutely known as low maintenance plant. Follow the tips below to take successful plants.

1. Exposing to sunlight

Check daily to see if your plants are receiving enough sunlight. Sun exposure for at least 6 hours is sufficient. Also, if you grow golden bamboo plant in a pot, make sure it gets enough sunlight. If not, you can move it to another location to get adequate sunlight.

2. Mulching

Apply the place where the plant is placed from the mulch. 2 or 3 inches layer of mulch apply top of the soil.

Organic mulch can be used to provide more nutrition to the plant. Cow dungs, tree leaves, straw, old hay, fruit and vegetable clippings and wood chips can use as mulch.

Typically 4 inch mulch layer discourage weeds in the ground and also 2 inch mulch layer can apply for containers. If you feel that the soil in your garden is poor, use compost and enrich the quality. Don’t let the soil dry out. If the soil dried, the growth of the plant may be slow. The soil must be fertile to achieve full height.

3. Watering

You should water well to the plant until it established. Water is essential for the growth of golden bamboo. Insufficient water can be caused to weak growth or death of the plant. You have to decide how much water to supply because the amount of water required can be vary depending on climate factors. Frequent watering is essential in dry seasons rather than cold seasons that’s why golden bamboo is a very thirsty plant.

4. Fertilizing

Golden bamboo requires adequate nutrients to thrive. Watering allows to absorb the nutrients from the soil and spread throughout the plant. Actually, do not recommend to add fertilizer at planting time. But after establishing the plant, high nitrogen grass fertilizer is great to use.

5. Pruning

Pruning is very important when maintaining the plant. Healthy plants produce lot of shoots. To spread easily, it is good to remove older shoots and damaged stems. And to control the spread of golden bamboo plant, you can add some rhizomes barrier and remove some stems.

6. Propagation

Propagation is done by rhizomes, division and cane cuttings. To see a new growth of the plant, propagation is great.

7. Solving problems

The plant can also have problems due to number of reasons such as lack of sunlight, watering and soil quality. The common problems infecting that plant are root rot, yellowing or turning of the leaves brown etc. In addition, mites, aphids and scales are some insects who harmful to golden bamboo. To prevent from such problems, care the plants very well and use best pesticides.

Be sure to provide proper sunlight, water and fertilizers. Maintenance is much easier if the above tips are followed. If all relevant requirements are received adequately, the plant is grown well.

Hence growing and caring golden bamboo is really very easy. You can add golden bamboo to your garden and enjoy the beauty.

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Top 5 FAQs & answers related to how to grow and care for golden bamboo at home for privacy

How long golden bamboo take to grow?

To fully settled, golden bamboo usually takes about 1 or 2 years. It is very important to provide all the conditions well. The period of time to grow may vary depending on the nature of the way you maintain it.

Can golden bamboo grow in container?

Yes you can. Select a suitable container to grow it. The container should be large in depth and width. This is because the golden bamboo plant needs to spread their roots well. Also, taking proper care of the plant can gain proper results.

Why golden bamboo leaves turning brown?

There are various reasons why leaves of the plant may turn into brown. Too much lightning, fertilizing and lack of or too much watering are the main causes for leaves turning brown. Check the soil quality through a soil test and provide high nitrogen fertilizer. When growing in a container, change the spot and care well.

Will golden bamboo spread?

Yes. It can be known as a fast spreading plant. Underground rhizomes helps to spread well.

How long golden bamboo live?

The plant usually lives for about 8 or 10 years. Take good care of golden bamboo plant during the growing season.


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