You can make your garden more attractive by adding variety of stones. This is also better to design landscape beautiful. The stones are useful to protect the plants because those are acted as mulch. Decorative stones need low maintenance and they are no more expensive. By reading this guide, you will be able to know, 15 Types of Decorative Stones and How to Use Them in Garden.

The stones have good durability and are eco-friendly. They are varied by colors, shapes, sizes, natural or artificial and so on. You can purchase the best one from the garden stores as your preference. It does not matter if the garden is small or large, stones can be used. This will be very important for you who are looking details about decorative stones.

Gravels and other decorative stones can be used to accomplish different purposes you have. There are many species of stones and they are made by rock erosion. Then the large rocks are broken into small pieces. By reading this guide, you will be able to know, How to Use Decorative Stones to Beautify the Garden.

How to Use Decorative Stones to Beautify the Garden

What are the different types of stones and how to use them decorate your garden?

1. Decomposed Granite

Decomposed granite are made by breaking the granite rocks into the small pieces. They are really inexpensive than some of other decorative stones. These can be used to beautify your garden for a long time because they are durable stones.

There are variety of colors in decomposed granite such as tan, black or grey.

How to use decomposed granite for garden?

Decomposed granite brings a natural look to your garden. It is great to use them for garden beds and be sure to add these stones to the ground after completely removing the weeds.

You can use decomposed granite as a mulch for plants especially arid plants. It provides a good drainage so that it is known as best material for the mulch. It is also easy to apply and maintain.

2. Pea Gravel

Pea gravel are usually small and took a smooth rounded shape. Those can be tan, white or brown. These gravels are inexpensive and do not require much maintenance. Different types of pea gravels can be seen in the stores.

How to use pea gravel for garden?

Pea gravels really helps to improve the natural look of the garden. Those can be applied into flower pots because pea gravels help to retain soil moisture and maintain soil temperature. It is possible to add walkways, driveways and patio areas. There is no issue to apply to the garden paths because it does not cause difficulty when walking.

Applying pea gravels around the ponds will bring a more aesthetic to the garden. This is also helped to improve drainage as well as good to prevent from soil erosion.

It is very easy to install pea gravels to the ground but you should make sure to remove the weeds before installing. This can be helpful to prevent regrowth weeds.

3. River Stone

They are quite large. These oval shaped river stones takes variety colors such as tan, grey or yellow. However most river stones take grey. Don’t let them get dirty. Hence you should care better.

How to use river stones for garden?

Apply river stones to the garden paths as they make walking easier. River stones can be used as border for the garden and ponds, waterfalls, pools etc.

Good drainage may be provided by them so that you can add them around the plants such as succulents or cacti.

4. Crushed Gravel

Crushed gravels are made up by granite, limestone and collection of other rocks. Maintenance of crushed gravels is also easy and they does not decay.

How to use crushed gravel for garden?

Those are well suited to the pathways, driveways and patios. You can use crushed gravels to apply around the plants and it helps to keep pests away from the plants. Crushed gravels are mostly used to add to the pots where grown artificial plants. It really brings a natural look to the yard.

5. Lava Stone

Lava stones are better to keep in the garden but it is most suitable for the dry climates. There are reddish brown and black stones available to buy. This is more popular to add as garden borders.

How to use lava stone for garden?

This decorative stone can be used in landscaping. Add lava stones around the plants that helps to keep the plant healthy that’s why it acts as a mulch and provide a good drainage and prevent the weed growth.

Soil erosion and evaporation can be also prevented by using lava stones for your garden.

6. Boulders

The stones are large so that boulders are difficult to move from one place to another place.

How to use boulders for garden?

This is better to use in rock gardens. Adding boulders as a group that gives a decorative and nice look. They tolerate every weather as well as durable. Boulders can be used to divide a part from a certain place. Make an attractive rock wall for the waterfall using boulders with other gravels.

7. Crimson Stone

Crimson Stones are typically in brunt orange but dark grey or black crimson stones are also available. These can be applied to add garden paths.

How to use crimson stone for garden?

Crimson stones are best to use to cover the ground. By adding them to the garden, it provides more advantages such as suppress the weed growth, retain the soil moisture and prevent the soil erosion.

8. White Marble Chips

White marble chips are most popular decorative stone. These are absolutely fantastic. They are not suitable to use around the high acid needed plants Blackberries, Aster, Basil, Camellia, Parsley and so on because white marble chips may change pH level of soil.

This durable stones can maintain by a simple effort.

How to use white marble chips for garden?

Those are usually used for decorate the landscape. It is good to apply white marble chips around the trees but avoid using them for plants that like acidic soil. White marble chips keep the plant healthy by controlling the soil moisture.

In addition, those may use for pools and pathways. You can customize the place where you want to use them.

9. Cobbles

Cobbles are another decorative stones that can be used for garden. This is actually durable small stones. They are mostly used for rock gardens.

How to use cobbles for garden?

This attractive stones are great to add around the plants especially flowers as mulch and they provide drainage. For the ponds and other water features of your garden, use cobbles to enhance the beauty.

It is very easy to remove the dirty of cobbles. Spray water and clean them well.

10. Slate Chips

Slate chips are very versatile as well as cheaper rather than some stones. The stones are very pretty.

How to use slate chips for garden?

Those are versatile and helped to control the weed growth. Adding slate chips to the paths, ponds, rockeries and also driveways bring a good looking for the yard. Decorative borders can be created by using them.

Slate chips perform properly to drainage water into the ground and control moisture of the soil. They act as mulch so that supports to control growth of weeds. It is also better to apply flower beds that makes a colorful garden.

11. Pebbles

The pebbles typically are rounded shaped and smallest stones. Grey, tan, black, white and golden pebbles can be seen. White pebbles absolutely bring a fantastic natural look to the garden.

How to use pebbles for garden?

They are very suitable to apply for flower beds. You can use different pebbles to cover the garden. Pebbles can be also used for walkways. Regrowth of weeds can maintain by using them.

You can decorate your water feature in the garden by adding them.

12. Flamingo Pebbles

There are very popular and various colored pebbles available like White, cream, blue or grey etc. The pebbles are created by recycled materials. These flamingo pebbles are really eye catching.

How to use flamingo pebbles for garden?

Flamingo pebbles are better to add landscape because provide a brighten appearance to the yard. You can use those for paths as well as garden borders. As a natural stone, they enhance the beauty of water feature of the garden.

13. Paddlestone

Paddlestones are seriously flat and smooth stones. Using schist and other rocks that paddlestones are made. There are different species of paddlestones such as plum slate paddlestones, thumbles sandstone paddlestones, charcoal slat paddlestones and so on.

How to use paddlestone for garden?

Paddlestones are usually used in design a Japanese style gardens. They are also suited to use garden borders, rockeries as well as water features like ponds.

14. Personalized Stones

Personalized stones are also called as custom stones. These stones can be created according to the preference of customer. If you have a design, you can give your ideas to the place where they made.

How to use personalized stones for garden?

Create your garden in unique way. The personalized stones are used to welcome guests for your garden. It can be placed indoors as well as outdoors.

15. Mexican Beach Pebbles

There are wide range of sizes and colors of Mexican beach pebbles. Blue and gray pebbles can be seen. According to your preference, you can buy best one.

How to use Mexican beach pebbles for garden?

Mexican beach pebbles are mostly used in Zen gardens. Add them around the plants especially potted plants like succulents. They are useful to control moisture of the soil. It is also possible to use Mexican beach pebbles for the indoor or outdoor flower beds.

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Top 5 FAQs & answers related to how to use decorative stones to beautify the garden

Is pea gravel easy to maintain?

Yes. It is slightly easy to maintain. It may vary depending on what you have used it for. Installation is easy and it helps to prevent from weed growth. However snow removal can be quite difficult. And removal of gravel from soil is can be challenge for you.

Will stones help drainage?

Yes. Stones help to drain well. They have drainage capabilities. Stones help to prevent from excessive water in your garden because water drains quickly.

Can use white marble chips as mulch in garden?

Avoid using it as mulch around the plants that prefer acidic soil. Marble chips are really high in pH level and absorption into the soil makes the soil alkaline.

What is best stone to walkways?

There are more different stones suitable for walkways. Really recommend to use stones which bring natural look to your garden.

What is the best stone to use for flower beds?

White marble chips are very suited to use for flower beds because they provide charm and good looking. Nowadays it is very popular stone used in flower beds.


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