Roses are actually one of the most popular and various colored rose flowers in the world. It can be usually found in every garden with different types. So that roses add elegance to the garden. Growing roses is not difficult as you think. Sometimes you may also have problems growing this.

And you may have noticed that there are a lot of big flowers in the botanical gardens. How can that be? That can be problem for many people. So let’s see what we can do to make such a big rose flowers. By reading this guide, you will be able to know, How to Get Big Flowers in Rose Plant? | 10 Tips Guide.

10 Cost Effective Tips to Get Big Flowers in Rose Plant

1. Ground

When you are going to plant roses, you should select the suitable ground. It is important to select the ground considering the sunlight and the soil.

How much sunlight should be in the ground?

Sun exposure is vital for rose. Choosing a proper site is not so difficult. To bloom, roses need direct sun. The site should receive at least 6 hours of sunlight daily. Morning sunlight is very important for roses to bloom well and afternoon shade is fine. Select a plenty of space because it is necessary for air to circulate between plants.

Which soil is needed to roses?

Roses need well-draining soil to thrive well. Slightly acidic soil is best. If you if you do not have confidence about the soil quality, do a soil test. And the soil drainage can be checked by digging a hole and then filling it using water. Wait few minutes and check.

Don’t choose a soggy soil to plant roses that cause to rot the roots.

If your soil is poor, add compost and enrich the quality. Roses well grow in loamy soil. When preparing the soil to plant, it is required to remove the rocks or stones in the soil that may restrict to spread roots.

Actually organic soil is acidic and has well drainage than other types so that it is great to grow roses and helps to bloom well.

2. Watering

Watering is essential for roses as thirsty plants. To absorb nutrients from soil and transport throughout the rose plant, watering is important.

How much water do roses need?

Never dry out the soil. Be sure to provide enough water to the plant in order to thrive healthily. Required amount of water may be vary depending on the climate. In cooler climate, it is not needed to water more.

Usually watering is recommended about twice a day. However overwatering can be caused to rot the roots and certain diseases. So adequate water supply is mandatory.

3. Banana peels

Banana peels are actually helped to bloom roses because they are rich in phosphorus. Phosphorus positively contributes to the blooming process by successfully maintaining the roots of rose plants.  

Apart from phosphorus, bananas contain calcium, magnesium, sodium, Sulphur and other nutrients that are also support to the growth of rose plant healthily. Sometimes you eat bananas every day so you can use their disposable banana peels for your rose garden. There are several ways that the banana peels apply to the soil of rose garden such as,

What are the ways of applying banana peels to the soil?

  • Chop the peels and add to soil
  • Add the whole peel to soil
  • Banana peel tea
  • Banana peel powder
  • Grind the dry peels with water and use as natural fertilizer

It is usually easiest way to chop the peel and add to soil. These chopped peels helps to minimize the time taken to break down. Once a week, apply 2 or 3 chopped banana peels into the soil of rose bush. The peels should apply 4 inches deep into the soil where the leaves of plant are located not near the stem.

 Tea, powder is also great. But adding whole peel takes some time to break down than others. You can add peels directly to the soil as well as compost fertilizer and can be used later.  

When you adding peels to the soil, be sure to apply them slightly away from the stem of the plant. Well water to break down banana peels. It is very well suited for newly planted roses to get flowers more.

4. Pruning

Roses need regular pruning to stay healthy. The important point to consider when pruning is to use sanitized shears because old shears may result in diseases. You can use sharp hand pruner that is very easy to handle. Wearing elbow-length gloves to prevent possible damages from rose bushes.

How to prune roses?

Determine the type of rose grown and use suitable pruning. Decide the shape you want and height and width can be vary due to the preference. First, remove dead, dried or diseased branches. Thin and weak branches should be also removed.

To remove old flowers, cut off 3 or 5 leaves from the flower below. Pruning plays a great role in avoiding pests and other diseases. To keep the plant healthy, pruning is needed. After pruning, you should water and fertilize in a proper way.

5. Deadheading blooms

Deadheading is simply known as removing the finished blooms. It really helps to encourage fresh blooms and new growth in the rose plant. These fresh blooms may be large because deadheading always keep the plant healthy.

You can deadhead blooms using secateurs or deadheading snips and be careful from thorns of the rose plant so that it is good to wear gloves.

What are the ways of deadheading flowers?

  • Remove the individual faded blooms
  • Remove the entire cluster of faded blooms

6. Fertilizers

Many bigger roses can be gained by using best fertilizers. Nutrients play a major role in healthy blooming. Fertilization schedule depends on the type of flower grown in your garden.

What fertilizer is suitable for roses?

Don’t apply high nitrogen fertilizers that’s why it causes to produce many foliage than flowers. Use well balanced fertilizer.

Phosphorus helps in roots development and potassium used to recover diseases of the plant. You can use mild fertilizer like fish emulsion once a month. Calcium, iron, magnesium are other some nutrients that are also vital to bloom.

Organic fertilizer can be processed slower than synthetic fertilizer. However enrich the organic fertilizer by adding cattle manure, compost etc. In growing season, regular feeding is great to create a healthy plant and blooms. Liquid fertilizer is best because it is able to absorb nutrients quickly.

10 Cost Effective Tips to Get Big Flowers in Rose Plant

7. Mulching

Mulching is very important to get more and bigger blooms. It provides more benefits to the plant. The main advantage is that helps to retain moisture of the soil. In addition mulching helps to control weeds and reduce diseases. You can use inexpensive things to make mulch at home.

How to apply mulch to rose garden?

Use grass clippings, straws, wood chips and compost as mulch or you can also buy large mulch bags from garden centers. This should be about 2 or 3 inches thick layer.  That really allows to enrich the soil quality.

Mulch positively affects to promote flowering by enriching the soil quality.

8. Eggshells

Eggshells are a type of fertilizer that can be provide for free. It is a great containment of calcium that allows to strength tissue of roses. As a result, strong and large flowers will appear in the rose plant. The plants require slightly high calcium to keep the soil fertile and thrive plant successfully. It really plays as organic fertilizer.

What is the importance of applying crushed egg shells to rose garden?

Crushed them well and apply to the top layer of soil around the plant because eggshells take several times to break down. Small pieces are great because they break down in less period of time. So calcium can absorb quickly to the plant.

Watering helps to break down them. You can apply eggshells as blending with banana peels, coffee ground with water. Then apply to soil as fertilizer.

Then don’t waste eggshells and save them to use for your garden.

9. Pest and Disease Control

There are some diseases affect roses over time. Aphids, whiteflies, powdery mildew and mites cause various diseases. Aphids are common problem. Pests slow down the growth of the soil and damage the flowers.

How to control pest and diseases affect roses?

Diseased leaves should wash well. Then use suitable insecticide. You should regularly check buds, shoots and under the leaves. Yellow and black spots can be usually seen in the leaves. Be careful to remove these leaves soon.

Mold formation on the stem is another disease of rose. Then the young leaves fall off quickly. So apply appropriate fungicides. Using fertile and well drainage soil, proper site help to prevent from diseases.

10. Coffee grounds

Coffee grounds are rich in nitrogen. In addition, it contains phosphorus, potassium and copper that contribute to improve the soil quality and overall health of the plant. Don’t apply too much coffee grounds to the soil.

How to apply coffee grounds?

Mix the coffee grounds to the soil or compost and do not place near the root of the plant. Applying them at some distance from the plant. In growing season of rose bushes, it is great to apply.

Try these and get big flowers in your rose plants.

Watch how to prune roses in 4 easy steps to get big flowers

Top 5 FAQs & answers related to 10 cost effective tips to get big flowers in rose plant

Can spray vinegar for roses?

Yes. White vinegar is good to spray because it lows the pH level of the soil. So, it helps to boost the growth of roses that’s why roses are acidophilic plant. Mix vinegar with water and spray to the rose foliage. But don’t spray more vinegar. This can be harmful to the plant growth. So you will be unable to get big flowers on your rose plant.

Which pH level in soil is good for roses?

Typically pH level of soil should be around 6 to 6.5. Adequate pH level is important to absorb nutrients from the soil.

Can add egg shells for potted roses?

Yes you can. Do not get it as a problem. You can also apply egg shells to potted rose plants.   

How compost help to get big blooms?

Compost is rich in various beneficial nutrients and also it helps to retain adequate moisture in the soil. Hence, the plant can be stayed healthy and also helps to get bigger flowers.

Is it a problem to get big flowers in too much sunlight?

Too much sunlight may be a problem to get big flowers because your rose plant may appear leaf sunscald. So, the plant will be unhealthy and that negatively affect to bloom big flowers.


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