Gardening always makes you happy. Don’t worry about your garden space that can be small or large. It is not problem. You can use different things to make it beautifully. There are some ideas that can be used to make a decorative and creative garden. Always enjoy with your garden. By reading this guide, you will be able to know, How to Make Your Garden Look Nice with No Money | Guide.

How to Make a Home Garden Very Attractive and Creative?

What are the ways to make the garden beautiful?

Below are 16 ways you can make your garden more beautiful and attractive. So try these what you like.

1. Tire Garden Designs

There are more different creative ways to reuse tires as planters or various garden arts that allows the garden more beautiful. The tires can be also used as outdoor tire chair and table, compost bin and beautiful fence. Instead of spending money to buy baskets, tires are best option to use. Don’t waste old tires.

What are the common things needed to create a tire garden designs?

This varies depending on what you are making. Below are some of the common things you need to do make tire planters and tire garden arts.

Tire planter

  • Old tire
  • Potting soil
  • Drill
  • Sharp knife
  • Spray paints
  • Plants

Tire garden art

  • Old tires
  • Drill
  • Sharp knife
  • Spray paints

How to make a creative garden with tires?

To make colorful garden, use different paints to color the tires. Tea cup planter, giant sushi roll, pyramid tire planter and hanging tire planter are some varieties of designs that make using tires.

Scalloped tire planter is popular art. To make scalloped tire planter, cut the top of tire into nice design. Making a well out of tires brings an amazing look to the garden. If you prefer, grow succulents in the well.

Making some characters by tires like frog, ladybird, Flamingo, Zebra and cartoon characters like minions are most popular tire garden arts used by gardeners to decorate their gardens.

2. Fairy Garden

Fairy garden is seriously best to take attraction from all. It is a small container garden. Hence even someone has little space, he/ she can create it using tiny furniture and plants.

What are the common things needed to create a fairy garden?

  • Small container
  • Potting soil
  • Miniature plants or succulents
  • Decorative stones
  • Fairy accessories

How to make a creative garden with fairy garden?

Tiny houses, ponds, lawns, chairs, furniture, mail box and wells usually include in fairy garden. All those are available in the garden centers to buy. Everyone love to make this. It is better to create according to children pleasure.

Soleirolia soleirolii, Bellium minutum, Oxalis, Silver sprinkles plant, Spikemoss, Polka-dot plant, Golden Japanese stonecrop and Wood sorrel are some plants that can add to fairy garden. Succulents are very pretty for this.

3. Tree Bench

Tree bench is quiet reflective option to add to the garden that create a comfortable place to spend the time and help to enjoy the tree beauty.

What are the common things needed to create a tree bench?

  • Lumbers
  • Screw
  • Wood glue
  • Milter saw
  • Hammer
  • Nuts
  • Tape measure
  • Framing square
  • Paint
  • Safety gloves and glasses

How to make a creative garden with tree bench?

This is typically created around the tree. It is easy to make by lumbers in different shapes and styles. Make it strong enough.

In addition to simple tree bench design, there are also the classic hexagonal design, hexagon cedar tree bench design, square tree bench design, pallet wood tree bench and so on of tree bench designs that are well suited for your garden.

Bricks, rocks, chairs and cushions can also use to make tree benches. This perfect bench takes natural shade.

4. Container Gardening

Container gardening is really simple and effective way to decorate garden. Containers can be moved anywhere you like. Those are well suited for both indoor and outdoor gardening.  

What are the common things needed to create a container gardening?

  • Container with drainage holes
  • Potting mix
  • Plants
  • Water
  • Fertilizer

How to make a creative garden with container gardening?

There are lot of containers available in different sizes and shapes. You can stylish those by painting in various colors or they are also available to buy in garden stores. The containers should be larger than the plants that you wish to plant in there. There must be drainage holes to prevent from root rot.

By utilizing compost, not only flowers but also vegetables, fruits and herbs can be kept the plant healthy. Creative garden can be designed by container gardening using less time and space.

Terra cotta, ceramic, wood, cement and plastic containers available to buy. You can choose better one according to your purpose. This is best option to create colorful home garden.

5. Water Feature

Pond, waterfall, fountain, water rills are some water features for creative garden. First you should select the best space to add water feature. It provides aesthetic look for the garden.

What are the common things needed to create a water feature?

  • Fountain
  • Waterproof liner
  • Decorative stones
  • Spay paint
  • Sand
  • Plants

How to make a creative garden with water feature?

Ponds, waterfalls and fountains can be added to your garden. It really brings a nice looking to the garden.

Sometimes the water features can be expensive but you can make it easily by natural objects. Rounded outdoor fountain, natural stone pond with wooden edge, Zen water features, tired garden waterfall, glass container waterfall and attractive bowls are some of beautiful water features that can add to the home garden.

Decorative stones and plants always add amazing natural beauty.

6. Hanging Egg Chair

Nowadays egg chair is very popular garden design. It is possible to hang egg chair anywhere you want as indoor or outdoor. It is a perfect way to relax the mind and makes a place to read books.

How to make a creative garden with hanging egg chair?

There are different varieties of egg chairs in different colors and materials available in the market. Designing hanging egg chair at home is somewhat difficult because it should create very strong. But you can if you have certain equipments.

Rattan, wicker, wood or plastic materials are some of egg chair materials. Seat comes in oval, teardrop or diamond shapes. Waterproof egg chair is perfect for outdoor garden. You can also buy two seated egg chairs.

A shade area in outdoor is best to hang this.

How to Make a Home Garden Very Attractive and Creative?

7. Pruning Trees and Shrubs

It is also known as trimming or shaping the trees. It is really an art. However this requires proper knowledge and experience.

What are the common things needed to prune trees and shrubs?

  • Secateurs
  • Loppers
  • Pole pruner
  • Hedge shears

It is sufficient to have 1 of the above tools to prune.

How to make a creative garden with pruning trees and shrubs?

To cut off some heavy, dead or damaged branches, best experience may be important. Improper knowledge can be caused to loss of healthiness of the tree or shrub. Maintain health of tree is essential. Trees can be pruned into lot of shapes.

Before shaping, it is important to decide the shape of the tree you want. Then measure the height and width that want to shape.

This design is well suited to hedges and pathways. This is actually increase the beauty of garden and add garden value. Some of best topiary plants are yew bushes, boxwood shrubs, cypress and holly.

8. Pergola Design

Pergola design is a magical addition to the garden. It is an outdoor feature. This really assists to boot the value of home and garden and add privacy.

What are the common things needed to create a pergola?

  • Lumber
  • Beams
  • Drill
  • Hammer
  • Ladder
  • Screws
  • Saw
  • Spade

How to make a creative garden with pergola?

The design can be vary depend on your purpose. Follow different styles according to the space you have. This cool design is easy to install.

By decorating with lights or lanterns, look of this can enhance.  

9. Colorful Fence

It is one of element that can use to design garden. The colorful fence is very useful to bring a gorgeous look to the garden. It also really helps to provide warm welcome to guests as well as adds personality to the home and garden.

There are various styles of fences available and should select suitable one among them. Do not regret not having enough money to buy garden fence. There are also stylish fences in the market depending on how much money you have.

What are the common things needed to create a color fence?

  • Colorful paints
  • Lights
  • Plants

How to make a creative garden with colorful fence?

Fence can be painted in same color or multi colors but white fence is very attractive. You can decorate it adding LED lights, welcome sign and growing flower vines etc.

Trellis fence, picket fence, rolled bamboo fence and lattice fences, classic white archway, zig-zag fence, accent fence and wooden fence are some different types of garden fences.

10. Using Old Furniture as Planters

Typically it costs us some money to purchase new garden objects to plant but this is wonderful concept for everyone. Give a new life to old furniture instead of throwing away.

Actually this is very effective method to create the home garden more attractive and it really pocket friendly method because every home has furniture that cannot be used. Hence you can use these as planters.

What are the common things needed to create planters using old furniture?

  • Old furniture
  • Screwdriver
  • Drill
  • Paint
  • Potting soil
  • Plants

How to make a creative garden with planters using old furniture?

Old or broken chairs, desks, tins, swing cabinets, bathtubs, jugs, sofa, drawers can be taken. If your home has old bed, this is also can be taken as planter and fill this with beautiful flowers or any plants you prefer. It is really uncommon design. The flowers, succulents and vegetables are best to grow in old furniture.

When the garden is quite large, you can create an area that filled with plants in bunch of old furniture. Artistic garden can create by using unique design theme you have. You can use different colors, arts, concepts for old furniture planting.

It brings nice look to the garden and guests can be also inspired to do this. Another benefit of this is reduce landfill and teach children not to waste resources.

Always think creatively to provide a gorgeous display to the garden.

11. Vertical Ladder Planter

Vertical ladder planter is another way that help to enhance the beauty of garden. It is space saving option so that this planter is best solution for small home gardens.

What are the common things needed to create a vertical ladder planter?

  • Cedar fence
  • Cedar planter boxes
  • Wood glue
  • Screws
  • Potting soil
  • Plants

How to make a creative garden with vertical ladder planter?

It is possible to grow every plants like flowers, vegetables, herbs and fruits. By painting the ladder, create a wonderful display.

12. Bird House, Bird Bath, Bird Feeder

Looking at the birds and listening to their sounds help to relax the mind. Bird house, bird bath or bird feeder allow to bring the birds to garden. It is also great addition to any garden.

What are the common things needed to create a bird house?

  • Wood
  • Wood glue
  • Sharp knife
  • Paints

How to make a creative garden with bird house?

Pre made bird houses available in the market but they might be a bit pricy. So you can also create bird house due to your own design. It is really fun. Children may be also liked to create it. Simple wooden house is easy to make.

How to make a creative garden with bird bath?

Bird baths are available in different shapes and sizes so that it is better to choose one that suit with your garden. There is possibility to get bird baths that made by concrete, ceramic, stone, metal or plastic.

It is important to provide fresh water to drink and bath. Once the bird bath became old, get it as planter.

How to make a creative garden with bird feeder?

Bird feeder is also another way of attracting birds into the garden. You should clean the feeder when empty. Sunflower seeds, peanuts and millet can provide.

13. Outdoor Bar

Actually outdoor bar is great to add garden which provides a nice look. Perhaps you think that is too expensive. Don’t think about it too much. There are many simple and inexpensive ways to create it. Corner of the backyard is well suited to install it and the installation is not difficult.

What are the common things needed to create an outdoor bar?

  • Durable material
  • Lights
  • Cooler
  • Seats

How to make a creative garden with outdoor bar?

Mixed stone bar, bar cart, wood wall mounted bar are different types of outdoor bars. Sleek metal bar cart on wheels is perfect with small gardens. You can make unique wooden bar with wheels which allows to move anywhere you want.

There should available space to hold glasses, bottles and bar tools. Upcycled chair can use to make bar. Make your own bar sign to welcome your guests when having a party. Decorate it with lights.  

14. Outdoor Cushion

Outdoor cushion acts as outdoor living room. It makes an opportunity to have a happy conversation with family members.

What are the common things needed to create an outdoor cushion?

  • Benches
  • Cushions

How to make a creative garden with outdoor cushion?

Don’t worry about the space you have. It can be created in large or any small area. You can also create it in your balcony. Nice cushion and vibrant pillows helps to enhance the beauty of garden. Waterproof of bench seats are long lasting rather than others. Covering by fragrant flowers make you happy.

15. Gravel Garden paths

It is very easy and inexpensive to create. This helps to neat the garden and bring a natural look. Gravel garden path is highly durable method.

What are the common things needed to create a gravel garden path?

  • Gravels
  • Rake
  • Shovel

How to make a creative garden with gravel garden path?

First you decide the area want to create gravel path. Weeding is essential step before putting stones to the path. Adding weed resistance membrane is best.

Light colored gravels can quickly become dirty than dark gravels. However both enhance the beauty of the garden. There are many gravels and choose best one as your wish.

16. Garden Statues and Sculptures

There are most popular categories of statues and sculptures such as people (children playing statues, romantic couple, adorable girl or angel etc.), animals (dog, cat, peacock, frog, ladybird etc.), mystical creatures and so on.

How to make a creative garden with garden statues and sculptures?

There are various sizes available and choose these depend on your garden. The garden statues and sculptures can purchase by different materials like natural stone, concrete, ceramic, cast stone, metal and wood. It is important to decide place that suit to keep the statues and sculptures.

Watch how to make a fairy garden? | Video

Top 5 FAQs & answers related to how to make a home garden very attractive and creative?

How to make simple tire swing?

The simplest and easiest way to make tire swing is one rope tire swing. Take a tire, strong rope and strong tree. Tie the rope to tire and strong branch of the tree. Then a swing will be created. Enjoy.

Where pergola is best suited to create?  

The best place is backyard of your garden. It will be a very peaceful and free place for you.

Which gravels good for gravel garden path?

You can use various gravels for your garden path. Pea gravel, decomposed granite, crushed rock and drain rock are some of gravels for gravel garden path.

What soil is best for container gardens?

The potting soil is best to use in container gardens. This is because, potting soil helps to retain moisture and it will be great to keep the plant healthy. And potting soil is rich in various nutrients. You can also use compost mixed soil for containers. Compost also supplies the nutrients that the plant want.

What are the best flowers for fairy gardens?

Phlox, Sagina subulata, violas, primrose, mazus and cyclamen are the best flowers that are great for fairy gardens.


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