Do you know what gardening is? and why people involved with gardening? Simply gardening means growing variety of plants in somewhere. Most of times people engage in gardening as their hobby.  Gardening is an actually beneficial activity and it gives more and more positive things in various ways.

Hence there are so many benefits of gardening for everyone and everything in the world. By reading this guide, you will be able to know, What Is the Importance of Gardening in Our Life?.

What Is the Importance of Gardening in Our Life 10 Reasons

Let’s start,

1. It helps to live healthier

Gardening gives us an excellent service to stay healthy. It helps to improve mental and physical health of all of us.

Vitamin D is an essential nutrient to strengthen our immune system and process other body functions. It helps to avoid from skin diseases. We can get some amount of Vitamin D by exposure to the sunlight while gardening outdoors.

Weeding, mulching, watering, shoveling, harvesting and other activities give a great exercise for parts of the body. Gardening supports to burn excessive calories in our body so that it exactly maintain the weight. Nowadays many people are used to going to the gymnasium for their workouts in order to control or loss their weight but if gardening can be used instead, it will be a good solution to their needs.

Growing plants may also help to prevent from high blood pressure. The muscles and bones can get a best exercise by working hard on the body. It not only controls heart diseases but also helps to prevent from other diseases.

Gardening is best option to boost the memory and keep a good mental health that helps you to live happily.

2. Build relationship with community

When gardening specially growing plants as community, there can be built connection between different people in different ages, genders, cultures, regions and so on. Hence they can share their ideas with others and it helps to respect each other.

Everyone prefer to create a productive garden that can be easily done by collecting other opinions rather than using own opinion. Team spirit and patience are also improved through gardening.

3. Increase the healthy eating

Everyone desires to eat fresh and healthy food in order to stay healthy forever. We are accustomed to buy fast food from the markets due to spending a busy life style but they cannot be healthy for our body because we don’t know what kind of harmful chemicals used to grow those.

Anybody can plant vegetables, fruits and herbs even in the little space that they have. Growing vegetables, fruits or another plants in your garden, you can harvest fresh and nutritious foods that helps to stay healthy and comfortably because you know what chemicals used. You should make sure to use beneficial chemicals.

There are lot of advantages that can get from eating healthy foods through growing and harvesting from own garden. Improving energy and memory, strengthen bones, preventing from cancer diseases are some advantages of them.

4. Decrease stress and depression

Some people spend a monotonous life that is very boring without never changes. This can be lead to stress or depression. Loneliness also creates stress. It is better to do something as a hobby like gardening.

Gardening is best solution to release the stress. It provides relax and happiness for all gardeners. Growing flowers is better to clear the mind and the fragrances of some flowers keep your mood better.

5. Maintain the survival of environment

Environment simply means surrounding of us. Plants and wildlife are important in survival of environment. Plants take carbon dioxide and release oxygen due to photosynthesis. Like us, other living animals also need oxygen to breathe. Without oxygen there are no lives. Air can be polluted caused on some reasons but through gardening, the air can be cleaned naturally.

Gardening helps to control the temperature during high temperatures. Plants provide foods as well as an accommodation for such wild animals. Home gardening is best home for some insects. Growing plants provides great help to protect environment from disasters.

6. Keep the place beautiful

The people love to live beautifully. It is important to create your living place fairy. Generally the public places where different plants are grown are fascinating. As an example, there are variety of plants grown in botanical gardens. Everybody likes to visit the beauty of those botanical gardens.

However, even if you have a very little space, you can grow various plants using different gardening designs in there. Indoor gardening also allows to keep your living place beautiful. Both indoor and outdoor gardening make an interesting place to live peacefully.

7. Improve happiness

Happiness can gain by various ways. Among of them gardening is something you can enjoy for a lifetime. Gardening can be known as a best medicine that helps us to forget such problems we are suffering. It creates a creative mind when working with nature. Growing different kinds of plants assists to create positive thoughts.

In addition, some smells of flowers allow you to be calm. Butterflies flying around the garden are also soothing. Caring plants is actually pleasure. Gardening exactly brings joy to the people.

8. Become economically prosperous

This is actually pocket friendly. As gardener, you can harvest foods for own consumption. We spend more money to buy vegetables, fruits and any other foods. But we don’t know how healthy they are to our body because they can include some harmful chemicals. If growing plants by yourself, you can use natural fertilizers like compost. In case of using compost, the cost of purchasing artificial fertilizers can be avoided.

Whatever when we growing foods in our garden, we can use those for our own consumption. It is economically beneficial because there is no need to spend more money to buy foods. Not only saving money on your own consumption, but you can also earn more income by selling cultivated vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers etc. Starting your own business and selling them may be further beneficial to your pocket.

9. Improve the sleep better

Sleeping is essential to live healthy. It helps to process body functions well. However some people do not get enough sleep.  To get a better sleep you need a relaxed mind. Gardening helps you to sleep better. Both indoor and outdoor planting aids to clean the air. It is better to keep some plants in the bedroom which helps us to breathe easier while we sleep by purifying the air.

Aloe Vera and Gerbera Daisy are some examples that realize the oxygen throughout the night so that they make a healthier space to sleep. Gardenia and Jasmine provide a fresh and pleasant smell. Reducing stress is done by those flowers. This is best to improve mental health at the night.

10. Improve the knowledge of gardening

A lot of people are moved with gardening just not knowing about all of it. But some people study everything before enter to gardening. However by continuing gardening, we can gain a great knowledge about it and develop what we already have.

In addition knowledge, experience can be also gained. No matter who the child, young or old are, they can learn extensively about the gardening.  

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Top 5 FAQs & answers related to What is the importance of gardening in our life?

Can pregnant woman involve with gardening?

Yes. Pregnant women can also involve with gardening. It helps to improve health mentally and physically. Gardening is also great to keep the mind calm. Pregnant women can involve with simple activities in garden. Don’t touch is better to stay away from dealing with chemical fertilizers.

Is gardening well for depression and anxiety?

Yes. Gardening is absolutely great for depression and anxiety. There are many activities of gardening you can do such as weeding, pruning, raking, watering and so on. Though those activities, it is caused to meet social and emotional needs as well as improve serotonin levels in the brain. So gardening helps to boost your mind and relax it. It is great to involve with gardening to reduce or eliminate symptoms of depression and anxiety. Gardening make you happy.               

How gardening good for wildlife?

Gardening helps wildlife in various ways. It provides accommodation for birds, squirrel and other beneficial organisms etc. The pollinators such as butterflies and bees can suck the nectar from flowers. By adding water feature to your garden, it is also good for fish and frogs. Bird feeder provides food for birds and also squirrels. So gardening is great for wildlife.

How gardening help to children’s skill development?

Gardening directly affect to improve creative thinking ability. While gardening, children are able to work with their family members or friends. So it helps to improve the ability to respect others, team spirit and so on. Gardening is really fun enjoyable and productive activity. Children learn to love nature. So the children’s’ abilities will developed through gardening.

Can plants clean the air?

Yes. The plants take carbon oxide and harmful gases through the leaves and release oxygen to nature. Peace lily, bamboo palm, pothos, spider plant, snake plant, gerbera daisy are supported to clean the air. Actually houseplants are great way to clean the air.


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