Growing plants indoors like house, office, restaurant, rental house and so on is known as houseplants. It is very effective to someone who don’t have lot of space to grow plants. Houseplants also bring beauty and attraction to the living environment.

Indoor gardening positively affect to improve the air quality in your place and helps to relieve stress, boost the mood, enhance memory  and give you a better sleep. The followings plants are very easiest and simple to grow indoors among varieties of houseplants. It will be very important for those who are currently engaged in gardening as well as those who are hoping to join in gardening. By reading this guide, you will be able to know, Top 10 Easiest Houseplants to Grow.

Top 10 Easiest Houseplants to Grow  Beginners Guide

Let’s start,

1. Lucky Bamboo

Lucky bamboo plant also known as Dracaena Sanderiana, Braunii and Ribbon plant. It is actually not bamboo but related with succulents. Most people believe about this plant which gives fortune and prosperity to home or office or anywhere it placed.

Why lucky bamboo is easy to grow?

These plants need low light environment and better to keep out from direct light. Average humidity is fine. Providing fertilizers is not necessary. This plant can also grow in small stones and pebbles. If growing the plant in water, it is important to change its water weekly.

It grows quickly between 3 to 5 feet. This wonderful little plant is more durable. Propagation can be done through soft tip cuttings.

2. Snake Plant

Snake plant can be known as a popular plant used by people to grow indoors. Growing snake plant is best for the beginners of gardening. It usually grows between 6 inches and 8 feet. The leaves of the snake plant are green but the color can also vary. There is a creamy yellow boarder around the leaf. Those tough and thick leaves stay upright and this plant don’t divide into branches.

Most people are used snake plant as a décor and it is suitable to all living environment. When keeping this plant in your place, it makes cool. The plant often grow slowly. Even if do not care to this plant for a few days, it will looks fresh. They can also grow under unsuitable conditions. If using suitable conditions rightly, snake plant will gloom over time. White coloured flowers can be seen and sweet fragrance spread out from them.

Those plants are very beneficial that’s why they release oxygen in the night time. It helps to absorb carbon dioxide and remove other harmful toxics such as benzene, xylene, carbon monoxide, toluene and formaldehyde.

There are different species of snake plants such as sanseviria masonia, sanseviria laurentii, sanseviria cylindrica (Cylinder snake plant), sanseviria trifasciata black coral, senseviria zeylanica, senseviria hahnii (Bird’s nest snake plant) and so on.

Why snake plant is easy to grow?

This houseplant is easy to thrive. People can give a low attention to this plant because this needs a low maintenance. It can grow with any temperature. Usually snake plant likes to bright but indirect light. However it can survive in space which has lower light. It really adapt to different light conditions. When focusing about the watering, overwatering is not healthy to the plant. A Little amount of fertilizer can use to grow.

3. ZZ Plant

ZZ plant is also called as “zanziber gem”, “zuzu plant” and “emerald palm”. Zamioculcas zamiifolia is the botanical name of this. Then everyone calls this as ZZ plant because of its ease of pronouncing. This is suitable to keep home, office, restaurants, business places and shops or anywhere you prefer.

The plant is very attractive. There are typically dark green leaves but the colour can be vary due to the varieties of plant. These fleshy, shiny and glossy leaves give a beauty to the plant. The ZZ plants rarely bloom tiny white or bright yellow coloured flowers that hide under base of the leaves. The plant typically grows between 2 and 4 feet and shows slowly growth.

It is important to purify the air naturally in living environment. Removing xylene, toluene, benzene toxics is also advantage receiving from this plant.

Zamicro, Raven ZZ and Zenzi are some varieties of ZZ plant. For some reasons, they change a bit.

Why ZZ plant is easy to grow?

With less effort, care and maintenance the plant can be stayed healthy. There is no any unique treatments. It can grow even without perfect environment. It is best to keep in normal temperature. This plant prefer low light conditions so that you should keep the plant away from direct sunlight. Too much lightning and watering may be caused to drop the leaves and those green leaves turn into yellow. Excessive lightning effect to burn and create some spots on the leaves. Watering should be determined by how much sunlight the plant receives. Regular watering and fertilizing are not required.

By leaf cutting, stem cutting, leaf stalk and division can propagate the ZZ plants. Division is the easiest way of propagation.

4. Rubber Tree

One of beautiful indoor plant is rubber plant. It is more aesthetic but not expensive. Rubber plant helps to remove carbon dioxide from place you lived. This need better space to grow properly. There are dark green leaves but the color can be different due to species of plant. Those shiny, glossy and rubbery leaves are very attractive. This plant rarely produce its flowers.

Why rubber plant is easy to grow?

This plant prefer bright light but not direct light. Over lightning is caused to make the plant leggy. The color of the leaves may also turn dark. The amount to be watered depends on the seasons. In summer, more water is needed. Frequently watering is also fine but soil should be well-draining. It likes to live in place which has consistent humidity.

The easiest way of propagation is cutting. Propagate is also done using small branches.

5. Spider Plant

Spider plant is also introduced as Airplane plant and Ribbon plant. This plant is originated from South Africa. Nowadays it is very popular in worldwide because it is a pretty versatile plant and very easy to grow quickly. It grows between 6 to 8 inches high.

The leaves are usually long and narrow. They are green and white. White coloured flowers can be seen in this plant. Growing hanging baskets and containers gives perfect look to the place because the plantlets can spread freely. Propagation is done by sowing seeds and division.

Purifying air by absorbing harmful toxics is main advantage of growing spider plants indoor. Hence it is better to keep in bedroom.

There are varieties of spider plants such as variegatum, vittatum, bonnie, ocean, hawaiin, zebra grass spider plants etc.

Why spider plant is easy to grow?

This plant quickly adapt to every environment. This needs low maintenance. Spider plants mostly prefer moisture but they don’t like too wet or dry soil. Fairly watering and average humidity is best to thrive. Over watering creates brown spots on the leaves. Regular watering is not necessary. It is important to decide amount of water due to the temperature.

Spider plants desire bright indirect light as well as they can grow with lower light. However the direct light is harmful to the plant because it cause to burn leaves. Receiving right amount of light to the plant helps to bloom and produce the offshoots. The leaves turn into brown because of some reasons.

Too much lightning, fertilizing and nature of water are main reasons of them. Tap water can also cause to brown leaves why it includes fluoride so that rainwater is good rather than tap water. It is important to remove those brown leaves from the plant.

Top 10 Easiest Houseplants to Grow  Beginners Guide

6. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is most popular plant that is widely grown in houses.  This succulent plant has fleshy and thick leaves. New plants can be grown by offsets and plantlets. People prefer to grow this because of easy and simple to care. Not only easiness but also it gives lot of advantages for us. It helps to clean the air by filtering out household chemicals. The plant is better to keep in the kitchen near window. The gel inside the leaf is best medicine to treat skin diseases.

Why aloe vera is easy to grow?

Aloe Vera plant needs bright indirect light to stay healthy. Average temperature in home or office is fine. However too much lightening is harmful to plant so the leaves turn yellow. Water is essential to grow Aloe Vera but excessive water can cause to roots rot. Well-draining soil is best to thrive plant. This plant can handle drought well. There should be used balanced fertilizers. Using adequate light and water helps to produce flowers occasionally. Those flowers appear in yellow or red.

7. Peace Lily

Peace lily plant is very popular plant which gives wonderful appearance to the place. It is also called as Sapathe flower and White ails. There are lot of varieties in peace lily plant such as spathiphyllum “power petite”, spathiphyllum “mauna loa supreme”, spathiphyllum “clevelandii” and spathiphyllum “sensation”.

This plant has air purifying qualities so cleaning the air by removing noxious air as carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, xylene emitted by home. It improve breathe easily and makes comfortably sleep.

Peace lily plant typically grows between 16 inches to 6 feet high. This commonly use in homes, offices and restaurants. It helps to enhance the beauty of place.

Why peace lily is easy to grow?

People like to grow peace lily plants because this needs low maintenance. This delightful plant prefer bright indirect light. Lower light is also fine. Frequent fertilizing does not require. These plants love to live cool so that it is better to keep the soil moist but not too wet. It is suitable to keep the plant in bathroom as it is very moist. The leaves turn yellow or brown because of overwatering, lack of humidity and receiving too much light.

If performing right conditions, the plant produces flowers occasionally. Those flowers are white or off white.

8. Pothos

This is also known as Devil’s ivy, Silver vine, Taro vine or Rapunzel. Most gardeners typically grow pothos because it is easy to maintain and quickly grow. It can grow and survive anywhere. The tall of indoor pothos can be between 6 to 10 feet. This plants have long life time. Pothos can be grown in water and it is also used for propagation. This don’t need special treatments.  Most people used pothos to decorate their business place or office. It makes the place interest.

There are attractive leaves in the plants which are light green, white and yellow. Color can be changed due to environmental factors. Mostly heart shaped foliage in this plant. However blooming is rare.

This helps to clean the air by removing formaldehyde in home. Golden pothos does this job perfectly.

Golden pothos, Neon pothos, Marble Queen pothos, Manjula pothos, Jessenia pothos ,Pearls and Jade pothos ,Silver Satin pothos are different varieties of pothos plant.

Why pothos is easy to grow?

They tolerate variety of light conditions but mostly prefer moderate indoor lights. However you should keep pothos out from direct light in order to get better results. Over lightning causes leaf curling, turning leaf yellow and becoming black and white spots on leaves.

Too much watering cause to get root rot as well as lack of water cause to death of plant. Then applying enough water is better to keep plant healthy.

9. Jade Plant

This decorative houseplant looks pretty. It is easy to grow and maintain. Many people call it as a symbol of good luck. Thick and oval shaped leaves give beauty to the place.

Why jade plant is easy to grow?

When the soil is very dry, water a lot and avoid fertilizing. If failing to do those, the plant may be damaged. Lack of watering effect to lose the leaves and grow brown spots on leaves. In summer, the plant should be watered a lot. Supplying filtered water or rainwater is better than tap water to stay healthy in long time. Direct light need to grow Jade plant effectively so that keeping the plant near the window is best. Jade plants produce white flower but indoor Jade plants bloom rarely.

10. Bromeliads

Growing Bromeliads gives beauty to the place. These plants come in variety of colors and sizes. The colorful, long and thick leafed plant makes the place where you live an attractive. Usually it’s tall is 2 to 3 feet. It is slowly growing plant.

Why bromeliads is easy to grow?

Even beginners for indoor gardening are encouraged to grow it because it is easy to grow and care. It requires low maintenance to stay healthy. This plant adapt and tolerate every environment.

Proper amount of water is essential to grow plant better. If the plant shows dried, water properly. Indirect light is essential to grow and survive the plant. Bromeliads prefer about 60% humidity place. The plant dries after flowering. But new plants can grow form pups.

Watch what are the houseplants that grow easily in low light? | Video

Top 5 FAQs & answers related to Top 10 easiest houseplants to grow

Which houseplant is best for the bedroom?

It really hard to name one plant that’s why many houseplants good to keep in bedroom. Usually most of houseplants help to purify the air by absorbing harmful gases through the pores of leaves. Not only that reason, the houseplants is great to add bedrooms because they actually reduce the stress level and promote the sleep. Jasmine, lavender, peace lily, gardenia, snake plant, golden pothos, rubber tree and spider plant are some of popular houseplants which can keep in bedrooms.

When should water to houseplants?

Watering can vary depending on the plant you chosen. Check the soil quality by putting your finger under a few inches. If the soil is too dry, watering is essential. Water the plants in the morning during the summer. Then the plant will not dry out. Water adequately to houseplants because it determine the growth rate of the plant.

Why leaves turn brown?

Inconsistent watering is mainly affect to the leaves turn brown. Lack of watering, lack of lightening, too much fertilizing and little humidity cause to that. Also the leaves may turn brown due to root rot caused by over watering. Be sure to identify the soil type and if the roots are damaged, it will be difficult to absorb the water from soil so reducing the healthiness of the plant. Due to these reasons the leaves will turn brown.

How to control thrips on houseplants naturally?

Check daily your houseplants. It is very important to check the underside of the leaves. If you see thrips on the leaves and stem, spray water and wash them. When you spray water to leaves, do not let too much water fall on the plant soil. You can also use organic pesticide to remove them, neem oil is well solution to this.

What is the best soil for houseplants?

The soil type can be vary due to the nature of plant. Well-draining loamy soil is great to plant houseplants. You can enrich the soil quality by adding coconut coir, compost, peat and perlite, vermiculite and pumice mix which allows to retain moisture in the soil.


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